Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unearthing a Beauty Gold Mine

I am addicted to makeup. There you go. It's out in the open, armor off, defenses down. The words make me shiver when I say them; it's the striking truth that I've tried so desperately to hide. I've put all effort into suppressing my materialistic, beauty-craving alter ego. But here she comes, digging her way up to the surface to claw my face and drag me down to the condemned yet equally captivating territory that is Sephora.

I'm kidding of course.

No but really, this is what it feels like sometimes.

I've come to realize, though, that I gotta embrace this side of me. I mean, I'm a girl for God's sake! I should be into makeup. What makes it so hard to accept is not the makeup itself. In fact, I always enjoyed the vibrant eye colors, the smoothness of a new mascara or the personality I inherited when wearing the right lipstick. These aspects never bothered me, but what really held me back was the idea behind makeup. "It's like she's wearing a mask." "What is she trying to hide?" "Why isn't she happy with the way she looks?" You have no idea how many times I have heard these words, one way or another. It's infuriating how absolutely rubbish these statements are! Makeup isn't about hiding your natural features, it's about expressing yourself in an artistic way. I actually enjoy applying makeup in the morning. It's become a ritual to me, kind of like taking a bath at night or drinking smoothies in the morning. We are creatures of habit and "getting ready" when we wake up is just as routine as anything else. I find it quite nice, in fact. It's sort of like meditation, worries and tension fall right off your shoulders as you focus on each unique aspect of your face. I will never get tired of finding the perfect color combination of eye shadow, or discovering new techniques to apply foundation. It's like unearthing a beauty gold mine. (:

What I'd like to share with you guys now, are the specific products that I am sure I'll never be able to pull away from. I mean, this is a beauty blog of course! Here are some of my all-time favorite products that I plan on repurchasing time and time again. Hopefully this will help you learn a little bit about me in a unique way. Enjoy!


Estee Lauder DayWear Creme

This moisturizer is so fucking good. I mean... soooo good. It feels like you're rubbing a cloud on your face, it's that soft. This bottle of mine is empty, but I'm planning on purchasing a new one soon. It's totally worth the price, and smells amazing!

Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel
I already have very little acne, but this stuff is zit-zapper in a tube. The few pimples that I do get last up to one, maybe two days, all thanks to this little gem. My mom actually gave me this bottle centuries ago but I didn't realize its incredible potential until I slapped it on a pimple one night and woke up with clear skin. I'm pretty sure it's expired, and I'm not even positive if they make it anymore but goddamn, it's incredible.


Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer

Recently I've been loving tinted moisturizers, especially this one by Tarte. It almost feels like a mousse, but it's weightless, has great coverage and runs across my skin quite well considering the texture. I highly recommend it for the summer months.

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

This concealer was one of the first one's I purchased when I first starting experimenting with makeup, and I've been repurchasing it ever since. I think that what I find appealing about it is the size and shape. I'm lazy as it is, and so it's quite convenient to just toss this little guy in my purse when I'm on the go.


Smashbox Cream Shadow in Topaz

I will admit, I am extremely boring when it comes to eye-shadow. I love me some neutrals! This Smashbox creme shadow is gorgeous, shimmering and super easy if you're in a hurry.

L'Oreal Lacquer Liner in Espresso

Since my eyes are very hooded, I find it difficult to wear eyeliner. Pencil smudges if I blink, and liquid has a tendency to flake throughout the day. I sort of gave up on eyeliner, until I discovered gel. This lacquer liner from L'Oreal lasts all day, I guarantee. Also, for anybody like me who has hooded eyes, it is so nice to finally not have to check myself in the mirror every 10 min to see if my eyeliner smudged. Such a relief! :D


 Burt's Bees Refreshing Lip Balm

It smells like grapefruit. Enough said. 

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed my favorites :) I'll be posting again soon!

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